Interview on Polar Expedition Gets Award

In the COMnPlay Science Contest within the scope of the Stem Discovery Week, Turkey was represented by Ekin UZELLİ who was granted the Special Award by making an interview with the TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute researcher Sinan YİRMİBEŞOĞLU.

The STEM Discovery Week, which is held for promoting carrier opportunities and studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and bringing together projects, schools and enterprises in these fields accross Europe and even the world, was marked this year by the COMnPlay Science Contest that was finalized in the past few days.

In the Contest getting 27 applications from 8 European countries, the awards went to

  • Romania for The Most Inspiring Interview named ‘Astrophysics is Cool’,
  • Spain for The Most Creative Interview named ‘Another Way to See’ and for The 16+ Years-Old Category Interview named ‘A life Dedicated to Animals’, and
  • Serbia for The -12 Years-Old Category Interview named ‘Interview With My Uncle Researcher’.
  • In addition to the awards in five categories, a special award was given to 12 years-old Ekin UZELLİ who made an interview named ‘Scientists Saving The Arctic’ with a researcher in the Turkish team conducting an expedition to the Arctic, which added Turkey among the Award-Winning Countries in the contest.

The award-winning interviews were turned into illustrated stories by professional graphic artists and shared through the COMnPLAYer application. You can read the interviews to witness the excitement of hearts dedicated to science regardless of age.

We wish our young people to attain many further achievements both in national and international contests.


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